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I don’t know what our future holds,

But you feel like the home I’ve never known,

The journey may seem like an undesirable mystery,

And I can tell that you’re so direly missing me,

Missing me like I’ve been missing you,

Only the words are overlooked and never said,

The feeling becomes implied like silence in the blue sky,

I hear it, I can feel it in your soft voice,

It’s as blissful as silk sheets in the summer time,

The way that you so sincerely speak to me,

I can’t believe that it was almost something I didn’t see,

Your love was playing like a symphony,

Mistakingly, I desperately kept waiting for you to sing,

But the truth that’s not told keeps its beauty sheltered within,

I’m finally beginning to understand how your emotions work,

You are one who finds peace in a love that can’t be rehearsed.

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Mon 11th Feb 2019 03:07

Silk sheets in the summertime...ah, nice! ?

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