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When I think of you

I feel feathers

Tickling the soles

Of my feet.

They feel like

Turquoise feathers

Long, lush, soft.

I think maybe

Theyre feathers from a fan

And each spoke of the fan

Is studded with pearls

And opal spangles.

And then . . . .

You make my toes curl.




And there are gilded balusters

And flying buttresses

And I sweep through

On a levitating carpet

Embroidered with swans and angels

And a palomino is stamping

In gentle impatience

For me to take

The next stage of the journey

Off off we go

My gentle palomino

Slipping through the gateway

Where the sun's rays are gleaming . . .

Like a fan.










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Dana Langland

Sun 7th Feb 2010 21:54

The music went beautifully with this poem, it was almost hypnotic and dream like listening to it. The poem its self sounds soft and intimate. I liked the way it flowed line to line. Its definatly one of my favourites x x x

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Rachel McGladdery

Tue 2nd Feb 2010 20:49

Not only did I think the poems were beautiful and beautifully read too but you have one of my favourite pictures there of all time. I love the way the pics you choose are always so completely fitting.perfect.

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Dave Bradley

Mon 1st Feb 2010 13:47

Speaking of fans, I'm sure your many fans will miss your legs, though the new pic is great. Loved these poems.

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