A Christmas message, and an appeal

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A Peaceful Christmas to you all

On behalf of the Write Out Loud Team, here’s wishing you a Brexit-news-free, Trumpless, peaceful, poetic Christmas.

Whilst reading this, please consider:

What if there was no Write Out Loud? 

It often shocks people to discover that Write Out Loud is unfunded, and has been throughout the 16 years it has been making a difference to people’s lives across the UK and beyond. Except for one year we got a small grant from a large funder, and we had to crawl over hot coals for that. 

We are regularly told how we make a difference to people’s lives as they grow and develop in confidence as a poet or performer; how we support publishers small and large; how individuals and groups enjoy and benefit from our work, be it poetry blogs, gig guide, news and reviews, competitions, or our local groups in Bolton, Wigan, Sale, Stockport, Marsden or Woking; or Marsden the Poetry Village.

This work depends on a small group of dedicated volunteers and on your generous donations, for which we are very grateful. Some of you chip in here and there, without which there wouldn’t be a website. However, the more successful the site becomes, the more it costs (insurance, hosting fees, postage, phone, etc). We are a not-for-profit organisation (a community interest company) so all funds go to keeping us afloat. And we need more than we currently receive.

Please consider making a donation, to help Write Out Loud continue making a difference to both grassroots and manicured-lawn poetry and poets.

We are currently bidding for funding grants for specific projects that match our mission of helping individuals find their voice and share their words, bringing more people to poetry, and poetry to more people. We aim to continue bidding for grants – like the Marsden the Poetry Village ones - but still need our volunteers and your donations.

Please chip in what you can to help us keep serving you and others. If you can make a regular donation, that would make a huge difference to us too. Thank you.

Here’s to a great Christmas and a better 2019 to you all. Thank you for supporting us.

Julian Jordon, on behalf of Write Out Loud’s team of volunteers



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Julian (Admin)

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 13:55

Hi Alan

I am sorry you are having problems with donating. I have contacted you offline to try to resolve it by providing an alternative route.

Many thanks for your patience, all of you!

And a Happy New Year to you all.


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Alan Travis Braddock

Mon 31st Dec 2018 18:25

Sorry; I still can't make a monthly donation, except via PayPal. I go through all the rigmarole of entering name, card number &c&c (I've tried about 6 times) and it STILL wants me to generate a PayPal account. I am NOT going to do that because I don't want any more people messing with my money than I can help.
WOL doesn't need the middleman.
I am trying to give you money, monthly.!! Can you not get it sorted?
PS When I start to enter email &c, in the above I get a generated pick list which includes my password in clear, my alias and an OLD email address that WOL should not know.. THe WOL software is messing with my PC.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 30th Dec 2018 10:46

Julian - I was having problems using my phone to donate but found it okay via laptop...so donation now made.

Paul Emberson

Sun 30th Dec 2018 10:22

Also worth noting that you don't need a PayPal account if you would like to donate. After you enter the amount, just press "Donate with a Card" and you can enter card details without needing to open a PayPal account.

Paul Emberson

Sun 30th Dec 2018 09:41

The direct links to PayPal are time limited. I've updated the links in the story to go to our donations page. Please use that if you would like to make a donation. Thank-you.

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Julian (Admin)

Sat 29th Dec 2018 10:22

Thank you, Big Sal and Brian. The link goes to our Paypal account and you can make a donation there. Let me know if there are any problems with it, but it should be fine.
Thanks for your interest in keeping things going.

Big Sal

Tue 25th Dec 2018 13:09

Pretty sure they accept donations via PayPal, so anyone that donates will probably require one (PayPal account) as well.

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Brian Maryon

Tue 25th Dec 2018 10:47

How do I make a donation ? The two links in the message go through to Paypal.

Big Sal

Mon 24th Dec 2018 23:57

I threw in a note in my sophomore anthology, "Pressed Flowers", recommending for people to donate to Write Out Loud because of how effective it and word-of-mouth are for aspiring poets and writers in general. You know how rare it is to find a free poetry blogging site/community that actually improves itself and functions without acting as an intermediary for other organizations? This is a small gem in a big pond, but very much worth the effort for anyone interested in poetry.

I'll throw a donation to the site when I next get paid. Consider it a Christmas gift from Big Sal to WOL.


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