Glenbrittle – the loch.

(for Homo Sapiens)


Into this wide lap she lays

For the long slow curl of waves

The land receives the sea below,

Liquid alien element aflow

All among her secret caves

Darkly shining kelpy graves

And slipping far beneath she feels

The silken sensualities of seals.


The sea moves in, the scour moves on

The wrack heaves up to fall again

The next bay lays, the fish recoil

The rocks inlay their flanks with oil

The shingle shirrs the granite grinds

The deep wears crystal down to sand

While slipping far beneath we feel

The silken sensualities of seals.


The scene now changes, beyond the ranges

The crust now slips below the wave

The granite too will hunker under

And water comes to rive and plunder.

Your gods have no experience here -

Mere time to watch it crush and  sear

The power of Earth they can’t deflect

Nor from the surge of tide protect.

And men are drawn full deep to feel

The silken sensualities of seals.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 17th Nov 2018 07:03

A gently woven tale beguiling and beautiful. ?

<Deleted User> (18474)

Thu 15th Nov 2018 22:00

I enjoyed this poem very, very, much.
The imagery it created for me took me to places I love very much and miss when I'm not there. I can't wait to return in January and you have inspired to do some writing why I'm there.
Thanks for posting this Mr Braddock. It's helped me chill out after a hard day in intensive care. I'm going to sit with my whiskey in hand and mull over it a few more times.

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