A Psychiatric Disorder

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“I done me best when I was let out

Oh yes I did: whistle-blowin, liftin the lid

I think I always knowed it'd go wrong

Nuffin fer a laugh, nuffin fer a song

A hundred seas could separate you

From me, our sea of troubles,

Fear death by drownin

Or one in a thousand years of nights

Will parcel me up and remove me from sight

The cubby-hole under the stairs

Was for wettin the bed: I banged and banged my head

All me life I have been lived among 'em

Now they are becoming loathed to me.

In bed I am alone and wet, like a sea

I loathe mean cosy love o'money

All the greedy rushes out of their small souls.

Lazy leaks the body plumb.

For all that glitters

Is not cold

A very thing

She wears a ring

Of fire


It directly

In the water


The gaps in the very earth

Listen to that


Study that rhyme

Air-conditioned living

Is easy to sell

Listen to the tinkle

Of a bell in hell

So rare a spirit speaks

To me: the criminally insane

Then toads and cats conspire

And nothing is the same."

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Tue 20th Nov 2018 09:58

You’re great. Good vision

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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 9th Nov 2018 09:47

Need to read this a few times so much content, it is excellent...😄

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Douglas MacGowan

Fri 9th Nov 2018 01:40

A poem that needs to be read more than once to adequately explore it.

Big Sal

Thu 8th Nov 2018 23:28

"Study that rhyme" - truer words were never spoken to my ears. And you don't need to tell me twice, that's where my heart lies is in a rhyme or reason.

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