My Most Constant F(r)iend

My Most Constant F(r)iend


You've always been the predecided grand finale!

Mortals and angels, imps and harpies dance around your light.

And you, the bonfire! Casting shadows all across your valley

Sit back and watch us dance and chant in reverance and fright.


As for Yours Truly, you're the reason why my life has meaning.

You are the force compelling me to toil, strain and strive.

The mere thought of you will have me dare do anything. 

You are the wonder allowing me to bloom, flourish and thrive.


My constant f(r)iend; Such might! The will to savor every minute!

You hold the receiver in my prayers, my oaths, bargains and pleas.

Your looming presence ushers me to say "I Love!" and mean it!

Dear Father Death, don't ever leave my side; please.


I was just born for you to have! A kindred, doting slave.

Forever Thine! Oh Indisputable! Oh truest Master of mine!

You may have me when I go unto my grave,

but don't expect me to go hurrying down the line!


So come that fateful day, all of my labors will have been in vain,

and then forevermore completely yours I'll be.

But till the time comes for them to pass onto your reign

my Heart, my Soul, my Body, will belong to Me and only Me.

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