All Hallow’s Eve, Then vs. Now

all hallow’s eve

what had you to offer us

on this moonlit-night long ago?


grand excitement in the air

glorious masks and homemade costumes 

galavanting in neighborhood streets


candies of all varieties 

carrying loads, spilling over

more mischief than we’d ever dream


all hallow’s eve

what have you to offer us

now that we’re grown?


still, excitement in the air

but now it’s secondhand 

for droves of trick-or-treaters, we prepare


a pirate and a gypsy show up at our door

we overstuff sacks as their grins grow

still, more treats than we’d ever need



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 2nd Nov 2018 10:53

It is indeed. Always heed Taylor; she has sympathetic insight, and shares it.

We don't 'do' Hallowe'en anymore since the twins grew up. At five years old, one was a princess and the other was a witch - exactly in keeping with their personalities! I remember burying my face in a cushion to stop my laughter. But they complemented each other brilliantly. And they still do.

Years ago, on All Hallow's Eve, my three sisters and I used to visit a hospital for the terminally ill, dressed up for the patients to have a giggle. Mum was a nurse there, and she always said 'a little laughter was the best medicine ever!' The staff used to say, 'Are the kids coming this year?' I don't remember treats, but that wasn't the point anyway.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 31st Oct 2018 17:31

Excellent Candice...?

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