Pink and Black Font. Sorted

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Pink and Black Font – Sorted


We have a big problem today

Which news is true, which is fake

Well here is a solution to solve it

One which I think takes the cake


Have two fonts on all social media

One for news-true, one for fake

Two different colours and styles

Which now I'll describe how to make


Verified news like the BBC

Could be Georgia, authoritative and black

Tells you it's peer-reviewed and reliable

Been through a legal department and back


All else could be pink Comic Sans

Tells you not researched, and fact-check lacked

Just someone who believes in or feels something

A cheap, easy opinion, not fact


Trump's twitter feed to this man

Over 18 months had 4,000 lies

Would therefore be Pink Comic Sans

Saying to believe in is not very wise


Don Matthews October 2018

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Brian Maryon

Wed 24th Oct 2018 08:17

You want news unfettered?
Make it bi-colour lettered

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