Breaking News, Breaking Laws

Breaking the Laws…


They repealed the law of gravity

They said it with such clarity

To tackle the disparity

Between total hilarity

And absolute insanity

A whole mess in entirety, 

It was all up in the air.


The law of relativity

Supported our community.

Unique individuality

Was now our top priority

Selfies and technology

Replaced our core humanity,

Snowflakes in nightmare.


Gone laws of probability 

That told us with some certainty

That change would happen constantly

That each eventuality

Would develop our true destiny

We cannot now think positively.

And now all hope is gone.


And gone laws of attraction

They said it was distraction

From the central intention

Create an intervention,

Make no true connection.

Now it’s all repulsion,

We base our lives upon.



Law of returns diminishing

Making money by just fishing

Our hooks and bait seem vanishing

Our nourishment our mission,

To be the best our vision, 

With every sharp incision,

Injustices are rife.


Some laws are still remaining,

Like Murphy’s appertaining,

Which means it’s always raining,

And Sod’s Law’s power’s gaining,

So spilt milk’s always staining

And if you do some training,

The race you’ll surely lose.


Now the law is of the jungle

It’s no time for feeling humble

Our fellows we must mangle

And leave the lost to dangle

Life’s all rough and tumble

You’d best not ever stumble

In the race of life.


So don’t lose a sense of unity

Our own brave humanity

We’re racing towards lunacy

And hating with impunity

But focus on our duty -

Communal in community

To give and feel compassion.


And if you like my ditty

If you think the world is shitty

If you have a sense of pity

And like the words of parity

But look beyond just charity

And want a better destiny

Then join me with your passion…


We need MORE LOVE.

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