Peace in the Insanity - A poem

The storm passed over; rain cascading down intensely
Tall old trees bend and snap
Sitting in my kitchen I could see my white wooden door rattling.
Outdoors I was sure nature was in a rage as she passed through
I was watching patiently as my lights flickered on and off
My windows portraying a scenery of chaotic earthly power.
There was water slowly leaking through beneath the crack of my door.
I lay down,  just looked up, and ignored this immense feeling within
I felt a static of chills wash through me and I got up swiftly and carefully walked to my door.

It rattled once more and flew open; the water showering me and the wind brushing leaves inside my home.
Taking a step onto my balcony cautiously I looked around me
Rusty bricks from the neighbors roof blown off, a tree had fallen over onto the street, and a street light blown into oblivion beyond.
The wind began to screech horrendously;  soothing my aching soul
My red satin dress drenched in the rain and I held onto the stairwell.

The torturous ache within me welled up and I began to sob
Heavy rain masking the tears that rolled down my cheeks by the millisecond.
Oh blessed peace in the insanity that surrounded me this night.
Pale bright moon clothed by the darkened grey clouds peering out offering companionship
I fell to my knees, my palms feeling the wet grass and dirt beneath me
My soul began shaking, I inhaled, and shrieked until my voice was hoarse.

Breaking down in the presence of another soul is impossible but as mother nature rages on?
I find the peace in insanity that is the one and only, Mother Nature.
Even as the car alarms sounded, the thunder crashed, and light posts fell and shattered I found it breathtakingly beautiful
There is no forgery or masking the pain; Mother Nature rips us apart if she wishes to.
Within this notion I continously find the blessed peace in insanity.


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Don Matthews

Fri 12th Oct 2018 23:09

I like this Ariana ?

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