I Wonder If

I wonder if spirit is the word invented

to umbrella our human probing

into the mysteries of life itself:

first life/creation - the very essence of living -

surely in itself an act of constant creating.


How bold to state that an Idea IS a Fact!

But, then, how logical is it

to insist that 'Fact is only Idea' -

as favoured in lofty terms

not so esoteric as you might think?

It seems possible to consider that

Everything is Idea and Fact is non-existent.

Not a concept for the faint-hearted.


Which circles back to the Idea of 'spirit'

which may well be a Fact

on its peculiar plane

which we cannot say doesn't exist

just because we don't know it.

Is all 'proof' necessarily 'physical'?


So – does it even matter

whether 'spirit' is Fact or Idea?

We humans are imaginative -

creating any form of 'original life'

that we choose to, and we do.

Who is to say what Idea is the best Idea

Claiming the 'ideal'?

Who defines fact or fiction in personal faith?

In Religion -

where 'proof' is a slippery slope

for careful footsteps

and the scope of imagination?


The mind boggles.

Maybe that's what we truly are – just BRAIN -

And all else is illusion.

An interesting thought -

Scary but interesting.

One thing for sure:

I do not scoff at anything

Just because I'm not capable of comprehending it.

Or simply - refusing to.

August., 2018

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Hannah Collins

Tue 11th Sep 2018 08:57

A great thought provoking poem.
'We humans are imaginative' is the key.
This poem should be read many times.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 9th Sep 2018 13:59

My daughter read this and said bluntly, 'You're a little scary yourself, you know, Mum!' (Always good to keep your kids on the hop. HaHa!)

Thank you to the 'likes' on the flower - much appreciated.

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