Put me back where I belong
and I won’t have a strop
A field is where I want to be
Not in a china shop

I didn’t want to be here
But I am, so why keep shtoom?
Please pay me some attention
I’m the elephant in the room

Turning through the pages
Munching through to read and learn
Seeing the world through other eyes
That’s me - an old bookworm

I’m being quiet at the moment
Low key and out the way
I’m doing fine, I’m on cloud nine;
This dog will have his day

Curiosity won’t kill me
Of nine lives I like to brag
Yes, I’ll see to all your pigeons
When you let me out this bag

It’s a pointless waste of time
Plus it shows a lack of grace
Please save your breath and energy
Find a tamer goose to chase

I know that I’m unlikely
But you can find me, if you try
Most of my friends prefer the mud
But I’m a pig who likes to fly

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Brian Maryon

Wed 15th Aug 2018 16:43

Very clever David! And good rhyming too!

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