The drama of it all...

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We lay our scene in a quiet canteen,

where elders sat grazing their lunch.

When in blew a twirl of younger set girls.

A group. A gaggle. The Bunch.


With high pitching drones of Californian tones,

they nestled and settled their flock.

Then moving as one they switch their phones on

- a natural feat of Attenborough stock.


But drama's afoot as the ladies all tut.

A status has captured their eye.

The Alpha’s new mate, somewhat absent of late,

seems to have spun her a lie.


“Why is he listed as single?”

cried Alpha as she thumbed her new phone.

The Beta’s all frowned as the Alpha broke down.

It seems she’s in the ‘Friend’ zone.


“After all that you’ve done” cried all and cried one.

“You need to text him and worse!”

But working ahead, the Alpha (now red)

was thumping out chapter and verse.


They asked what she said and the Alpha then read

the heartache now scrolled on her screen.

To spare you the worst and many a fine curse,

here’s a quick snip from The Queen:


“I thought we had something special.

I thought we were soul mates and more.

But clearly I see it isn’t just me

you promised a love that you swore.


You've sold me a whopper and shown me up, proper.

You’ve caused me nothing but pain.

Unless I misread and it's all in my head,

then I’d love to see you again!x”


It was hardly Shakespeare and Keats.


But few could deny the girl meant her cry,

as her heart skipped a few beats.


It seems the smallest frustration can turn painful sensation,

in a youth we don't understand.

This brand new creation, this ‘Snowflake Generation’,

this delicate genetic strand.


But maybe there's hope in their horoscope,

as with pain we often grow strong.

Their molehills a mountain, a million dramas and counting,

they could be the best to come along...

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Don Matthews

Wed 15th Aug 2018 16:09

(Matt, Brian. Apologies for hogging comment space. Brian started me usual)

Brian. Matt, you heard about
The latest fad which sends
Kids all leaving smartphones home
To go and SEE their friends ?

They finally have just worked out
And all come to their senses
That texts and selfie rubbish was
Only just pretenses

No more scrolling message texts
Waste of time it's been
Decided to get off their butts
Go see their friends, be SEEN

Now Apple they are up in arms
Since Smartphones got the flick
The fad is now with friends be SEEN
They want to face-friends click

I for one do hope for this
Reality to take place
Kids today have forgotten how
To talk straight face to face

DM ?

<Deleted User> (19836)

Wed 15th Aug 2018 15:17

Sensational! A very clever story from beginning to end. Nice to see back ? Jane

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Matt Tyldesley

Wed 15th Aug 2018 14:26

Thanks, Hazel. I need to work on my storytelling, as well as my poetry. Glad you liked it.

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Hazel ettridge

Wed 15th Aug 2018 13:44

Enjoyed this but was longing for more of a come uppance!

<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 15th Aug 2018 13:44

Love it Matt. Lives lived in the public domain...every little change scrutinised and discussed...increased stature or loss of face. I do however know that many youngsters have outgrown Facebook and no longer post on it. I suppose it's like all will die out or be replaced by something else.

Remember when some people had CB radio in their bedroom?

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