Brace Yourselves. This is Holy Shit from ZatarS

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Fancy something, let's say, a little different, in your portfolio of poetry experience?

I offer you: Holy Shit. A three and a half hour computer voice programme poem by the artist ZatarS

"You could say Holy Shit is a book of prophecy much like the all Sacred texts. It is a modern contemporary Bible representing today's reality."  (ZatarS) 

I had a listen (okay, I didn't make it through the full three and a half hours, but who would?) and then decided to arrange an interview with the artist and creator. He is certainly an interesting character, and believe me, he has a lot to say and what follows is an extremely heavily edited-down version of our discussion.  I wonder what the Write Out Loud community makes of it all?

What is your background as a poet and artist?

I have been a poet/artist from birth. I see and feel things a bit differently than others (as) I have dyslexia which helps my creative process. Poetry has freed me from the insanity of the world and let me express my deep love for a utopian future even at a very young age. Poetry set me free.

Why did you decide to write and produce "Holy Shit"?

It was an obsession, an act of cosmic energy flowing through every fiber of my body.   I’m constantly bursting with energy and I have been writing this new style of flowing stream of consciousness for many years.  My poetry is who I am.  From the very start Holy Shit was one very long poem broken down into many parts. Holy Shit took over ten years to write. One event one style one flow I put together with the advent of the evolution of a perfect computer voice that can capture the energy an rhythm in the way I intended it to. 

I always saw it as one intense very long poem and with the event of computer generated reading it all came others in a 3 and half hour futuristic Epic poem for eternity.  As a multimedia artist I totally manipulated the computer voice to make it have a soul and bring it up to speed and sound the way I wanted it to.   

What was the writing/creation process like for you as an artist?

I go into a trance and many of my poems started in a dream hearing the first lines than waking up and start working and reworking.  Every work is tightly edited for vibration speed and meaning and to just catch the flow and when it’s done its done. Then on to the next one. Knowing when to stop is key, to just say boom this is great and a perfect moment of expression from my inner energy.

Holy shit is interwoven with many different meanings in as few of words as possible, a mind fuck expressing what is truly interesting and awakening in the process. Anyone who can just relax and listen to the full 3 and half hours all at once will not be the same after, it has a way of sensory overload with pure powerful poetry art and intelligence. 

Who is it for?

It is for our Mother Earth and is written directly for you who is experiencing this right now. Be here Now. I run naked and swim super-fast in the future's evolution. That within everyone lies the ability to become the beat and rhythm of our true inner cyber art. All art heals BOOM and in a world without art there can be no peace.  This book is written for my two children Jazmin and Lotus and to all the children of the world and all the animals may we all become vegans soon, God willing.  

Is it finished?  Or are there edits and revisions gnawing at you?

Yes it is finished.  All the revisions I made were like food to a starving poem. I love fattening my poetry to the limit of my abilities and trying to let my mind zip, going with the flow showing the black and white energy surrounding us. 

Holy shit is an expression of how our Mother Earth in a state of transformation in a evolution's process that Holy Shit truly represents in its own computer voice way.  A non-stop 3 and half hour poem could only be represented with the latest technology advancement. Holy Shit is a new type of computer poetry.

Where can you go with this project, other than hoping people watch/listen online?

I can go to Mars and beyond for experiencing Holy Shit is endless.  On a practical front we all never know when we will die so I will try my best to change the world with everything I got.  I am a polymath and express myself in multiple mediums, science, invention ZatarS Music.  I love to get out of the box to go where no one has ever gone before and to express total original art in all mediums.  I beat to my own drummer and the beats keep my heart beating. 


Are you convinced, Write Out Loud People?  As you can see, one person most definitely is, but of course it is only right that an artist should stand behind their creations:

"Holy Shit was an evolution of universal higher powers at work." (ZatarS)

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Stu Buck

Wed 8th Aug 2018 16:10

it's almost as if he's dyslexic...

i listened to a bit. interesting certainly and i do enjoy a challenge but crikey. not sure i could last 3+ hours...

Big Sal

Wed 8th Aug 2018 16:07

The 'polymath' misspells more words than Dan Quayle.

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