Prelude to a Music Lesson

 Like castanets his knees chattered together;

 His skin grew veiny and glazed.

‘Oh, my cock!  My cock!’

Cried the masturbating music master.

‘Only look at me with those enchanting eyes.’

And up and down he rubbed a silly little pretty

Pink penis peeking through the hole in his pants.

‘Only look at me with those beautiful lips

And I will come … I will come!’ cried the

Master of music vigourously jerking his

Flabby member to a show of resistance.

‘I am overcome!’

His legs stiffened and he mashed up his face.

A spittle of semen eked out

Hardly wetting the roseate head.

‘Oh, you are lovely. You are lovely!’ he sighed.

Primly, he zipped up his pin-striped fly.

‘Now,’ said the great man, rising precisely

From the piano bench and crossing to her chair.

‘Let us proceed with the lesson.

Which songs did you bring?’


Cynthia Buell Thomas



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John Aikman

Fri 1st Jan 2010 10:30

Dear Cynthia,

I wasn't suggesting your poem was filth...I suppose I was just taking a poke at other poets who would not have handled such an issue with such deftness.

Neither was I implying that this must have sprung from first hand experience but, having said that, I am reminded that my old music teacher was very keen on the old five finger exercises himself...and had a very novel way of getting me to practice my embouchure. I never did believe him when he insisted it was just a pink oboe.

: )


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 31st Dec 2009 20:46

I do not consider this poem in any way to be 'filth'. It is a straightforward, although comedic, even sympathetic account of a very human foible which is hurting no one. I have compassion for both parties. The girl/woman deals with the situation by making no 'situation' of it. Perhaps there is some kind of 'trade-off'. Who knows?

We should not presume to know any poet's personal experience from his/her poetry. It is stultifying to artistic output.

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Rachel McGladdery

Thu 31st Dec 2009 18:46

I loved this Cynthia, there is something that is absolutely exquisite about it. It's so precise and beautiful. Loved "silly little pretty pink penis" and "hardly wetting the roseate head"
Happy New Year

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John Aikman

Thu 31st Dec 2009 17:18

Just as well that Christmas comes but once a year. If music be the food of love...I'll have a crotchet sandwich, and make it snappy!

Thank you Cynthia, for showing how filth should really be written. : )

Seriously, though, you have emboldened me...I need to be less inhibited with my writing...I will need to take a leaf from your music to speak.

Fine stuff!


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Gus Jonsson

Thu 31st Dec 2009 16:19

Masturbation set to music...
possibly 'Strictly Come Dancing

'What delightful piece superb!!!.

Well done Cynthia!


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Graham Sherwood

Thu 31st Dec 2009 16:16

pretty pink penis peeking through the hole in his pants. What a way to wave the year goodbye. HNY Cynthia.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 31st Dec 2009 16:08

Good-bye 2009!

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