The glass slipper is no good, neither is

the Fairy Godmother's wand, her spells,

the pumpkin, rat, lizard, rags, Stepsisters,

Prince and newly released Disney DVD.

They'll all superfluous.

What Cinderella wants is gold

but in the Kingdom everything's silver -

the clouds that consciously weep,

the glow of herring and mackerel,

rails marking the limits of disorder,

abandoned dust, tiaras, coats of mail,

charming thrones, photos of a wedding

(where the woman looks like her),

a fox sitting on the drawbridge,

trees stamped with initials

and a constellation to steer by.

They'll all superfluous

What Cinderella wants is gold

and she's prepared to ransack the Kingdom,

be hated by gentry, peasants, children,

be scammed by being offered insulting

low amounts of money. It's money

Cinderella wants and money

is another word for love, silence

and the weight of the sun.

◄ THE UNTHANKS (a Poem from the Westy number 21)



C Byrne

Sat 23rd Jan 2010 11:03

hi rodney - it's chris who attended your group at the westy a while back here - liking this last verse...

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Thu 31st Dec 2009 03:39

Amusing, yet cynical view...
Either she is an imposter, or the Prince a real toad ; )

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winston plowes

Wed 30th Dec 2009 22:22

It's money Cinderella wants and moneyis another word for love, silence and the weight of the sun.Loved that last section which really grabbbed me with its powerful contrasts, closed things nicely Rodney. Win

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Greg Freeman

Wed 30th Dec 2009 20:27

Call me a wet blanket, but I like it when the fairy tale goes wrong. It's real life. (Mind you, who is this Cinderella lookalike who has commented before me?) Compelling final lines

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Wed 30th Dec 2009 20:25

Oooo - this smacks of a nasty divorce settlement poisoning your poetry. Not all women are the same Rodders... I'd settle for a handsome prince - so long as he wasn't after MY gold of course... Love the venom in this - though I shouldn't - it is very direct and cutting.

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