…………..Sunray this is not a civilian,

And sunray this is my sitrep!



            I can hardly contain my rage,

Could eat me a chinnook

All battered and hailed in bullets

                                                And fekk it,

No-one knows me,

No-one knows the camaraderie

Like the man you made.



            Sunray this be my epitaph,

A man I once knew still kills for lust

Yet a crackhouse of CIVS

All back-stabbing the DIVS –

Cradles grenades in my palm

An the harm I could do with an MP4 –

An war I abhor but I know of nothing else,

            I don’t know fekk all else,

Just wanna see em drop

Just wanna see em drop

I don’t know fekk all else aware of

Selling myself to the highest bidder,

A bid for my life,

My wife,

My wife

My love my child,



            Sunray, where do old soldiers go

When symphonies proclaim the tears

Of hills and deserts

Hills and deserts

Hills and deserts?



            Sunray, I want to go home,

The CIVS don’t like me,

The wife doesn’t understand,

And now lost in a void of conceit,

I don’t like me,



I’m allowed the shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill,

                        I want to go home to

The battlefield I abhor and play Phillip Glass

Until I be no more,

                        No more,

                                    No more,

                                                No war!



Michael J Waite 30th December 2009

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Tue 5th Jan 2010 16:16

Hi Mike. Not sure if you know much about WOLOP ( you'll find a blog about it just gone up). People vote for their favourite poem of the month and the one with most wins nothing but praise LOL. Your poem was nominated. Could you please tag it with WOLOP.dec so that people can read it as part of a group. Thanks. x

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Wed 30th Dec 2009 21:11

Hi Chris Co and Isobel, you're both absolutley spot on with your comments, and thanks for taking the time to read and understand. Here are the army speak words that you wanted to know;

CIVS = Civilians
DIVS = Divisions, in other words, a large collection of soldiers, a bit like many companies getting together and all forming a DIVISION
MP4 = Short Automatic Assault Weapon
SUNRAY = Officer Commanding or Commanding Officer (of a unit).
SITREP = Situation Report

Phillip Glass is a composer. If you want to check out a piece of work that he has done, try and go to YOU TUBE, and type in Hamburger Hill - Phillip Glass. Its a very inspiring piece that means a lot to many soldiers.

I can say, it really is frustrating being in civilian street, and yes, plagued by how you have been trained and conditioned. Thank you for taking the time once again.



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Wed 30th Dec 2009 20:48

Am making this comment without reading what Chris wrote cos I don't want to be influenced. The over riding message for me was the despair and hoplessness of the old soldier with no meaningful purpose. When you are trained to kill, just what do you do when you retire? And how do you dismiss the hideous memories you must take round with you? There were several words I didn't understand (CIVS, DIVS - SUNRAY SITREP) I guess CIVS must be civilians - is divisionals another word for soldier? Also don't know who Philip Glass is. A glossery of words might be a good idea in poems like this - my general knowledge stinks.
Sometimes however - you just don't need to understand all the words. In this poem, the despair and bleakness cries out. A sad one Mike x

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