walking the coastal path with a pair of nail scissors

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I'm off to walk the coastal path

my rucksack is so heavy that

I have to go indoors, unpack

and start again.


Take out those sandals.

I need boots

only boots will do

for grinding my way

up all those hills.


Don't need my hairbrush

the wind will do the job

don't need a flannel when

there's rain.


Don't need a book

too much to see and do

and think about each night

to make me sleep tight.


Those extra trousers -

I don't need them when

just the one's I'm wearing

and the one T shirt

will do.


Don't need a tent

I'll find a B & B

no tins of food

a pub meal each night

will be just fine for me.


So all I need to take

is a pair of nail scissors.


When I'm away my toe nails will grow

and nothing spoils the view

so much as a painful toe

when your toe nails

are trying to push out of your boots.


So that's just the nail scissors then.

And they'll go in my pocket.





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Tue 5th Jan 2010 15:54

Hi Ann - could you tag this poem and also bereavement with WOLOP.dec? thanks x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 5th Jan 2010 10:03


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Greg Freeman

Thu 31st Dec 2009 10:41

Hi Ann, I have today decided that my new year resolution is to keep my toenails trimmed, and hopefully save my socks from being ripped to shreds so quickly. Not much of an ambition perhaps, and too much information maybe, but thanks for the inspiration anyway! Greg

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 29th Dec 2009 11:11

Good morning Lady Foxgloves.loved this clever neat little poem.I have the best idea to save an elderly Lady like you having to endure carrying the terrible weight of a pair of scissors-wash your feet in carrot juice just prior to embarking on the walk.when half way,lie in the grass and let the rabbits nibble at your tootsies-be alert though! you will need the rest of your feet to walk home on-did you remember to pack a clean vest? your mum would have been very angry if not! happy clippings-Stef

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winston plowes

Mon 28th Dec 2009 23:04

Lovely Ann. Win x

<Deleted User> (7073)

Mon 28th Dec 2009 22:59

You must have lightning growing toe nails hee hee ! You could always take a saw to the front of your boots ha ha save you the trouble of carting those heavy pesky scissors heh heh Then again you could blag some in the pub ;-) love TC XX

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Rachel McGladdery

Mon 28th Dec 2009 21:51

This feels jaunty and very upbeat,I like the rhythm in the first verse lots, makes me think of the song Travellin' Light but less sad. Now then, if you just stretch the old hamstrings a bit, you can bite your toenails and leave the scissors at home too! :)

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