'I fell asleep unexpectedly

Draped across my bed

A release of wakefulness

Suddenly essential.

I did not sleep long

But very deeply.

My eyes flipped open

My whole self aware

Before the bridge to Mind was closed -

My brain

Beetling away in my subconscious.

And with neon clarity it left this word:




Give me a break!


I - I - sort of know it.

But I never use it!

WHA – AA – T!

This is not funny!

What are you doing  as I sleep!'

I'm actually angry

Talking to my Mind

Like a crazy woman

More than a bit unnerved.


Of course, I got up at once

To check the dictionary.

And there it was: 'obfuscate'.

I shuddered.

Finding it so clearly was scary.

I have no explanation.


It is not a common word.

I have no idea when I first heard it

Or read it.

I remembered a vague idea of 'dusk'; 'shadow';

Perhaps found in a long-ago poem

By a long-ago poet.

Lines I must have loved.

A word my Mind embraced

And remembered.




Cynthia Buell Thomas, June/18

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 7th Aug 2018 10:56

If anyone ever 'finds' this piece again, may I add that in a dictionary of unusual words I found the word 'hypnoetic': 'logical but unconscious mental processes.'

And then, on TV, I caught a short edition of people who are monitered while asleep to ' harvest their subconscious ideas for human advancement in all disciplines.' I didn't understand exactly how the scientists were accomplishing this, but the very idea sure was an eye-opener. WOW! So many 'experiments' going on all over the world. Very - aah - interesting. No - oo - unnerving!

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Darren J Beaney

Tue 19th Jun 2018 07:51



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 18th Jun 2018 17:04

Mr. Bean, eh, Colin? That would be terrific. I can hear and see it perfectly.

Thanks for your comments, people. I'm never sure whether to be honest about 'strange' things, for fear someone might think I'm 'strange'. I'm really not. Perfectly, boringly 'normal' - whatever that is! But I scoff at nothing just because I don't understand it.

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Stu Buck

Mon 18th Jun 2018 15:52

great words about a great word.

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Hannah Collins

Sun 17th Jun 2018 19:27

Fascinating, quite amazing.
The human brain never really sleeps.


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Martin Elder

Sun 17th Jun 2018 18:40

It's a wonderful word Cynthia. I agree with Colin its a word that should be in more use.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 17th Jun 2018 15:08

a word that demands to be spoken repeatedly - in the manner of Mr Bean perhaps?!

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