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A sell out i am not.....

I get it now...., You have to sell your soul, Just to make a bit, Take shit and hand ''the man'' your ass, While he rapes it, Fake it, Something like a serpant in the snake pit, Pretend to be a friend, But bite with pure hatred, Ive seen so many people selling out,in abundance, The concept of keeping it real becomes redundant, I often wonder what inspires the thought pattern, Of lifes great actors,blaggers and shit chatters, I start to understand what it takes to succeed, And realise id rather be dead, Than on my knees, Its like, Life is a puppet show, Controlled by rich kings, But heed this........, You may be piss poor but snip strings, And be free, Noone said that life would be easy, But it helps to ease the burden when im just being me........




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