Andromeda in Waiting

My skin is sliced like infidelity;

a reptilian heart sourced by an alchemy


that is a brute - a violent mercury, gilding

memory with speculation and smothering arms


in deprivation of sheets. The eye is an Atlantis,

a red funeral sea, with thousands of scales


advertising sirens, raped with lament, and the pupil -

a learned black bird scarring the sky -


is a spectacle like the crisp vinegary feathers of

the Dodo.


I will rise in time, standing baroque, with my salt drenched lingerie -

that whisper on your eyelash -


tepid but with fortitude beyond the grimace of your prognosis.

I eat that mongrel


and she rises, regal - a ruby, baring the woe like fangs - but hoarse

like a fracture, for the bruise to be a playful


heartache we share like the kiss orchestrated in a shell,

or an oyster made with palms,


or osmosis.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 16th Dec 2009 17:28

Breathtaking and compelling in every poetic sense applicable. Marellous imagery. The Greek myths never lose their amazing grip on our imaginations.

<Deleted User> (7073)

Wed 16th Dec 2009 07:35

Sharp imagery in here, good the way you wove within the words the feeling of time, Nice erotic touch too with the ' I will rise baroque in my salt drenched lingerie', but few would be in a hurry to be aquainted with those fangs though ha ha ;-)) TC.

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