Written in the Stars

'If you had married me

    We would have a chain of motels

    Across the country - and be rich.'

    'If you had married me

    You would be Dean of a university

    A noted poet - and be rich.'

    'If you had married me

    You would be a great singer

    In demand around the world - and be rich.'

    The total zilch value of 'If's'!


    But, because I married Daddy

    I have Esther, Cyanne,

    Marley, April, Eleanor and Ewan

    And I am rich.

    For written in the stars were Mummy and Daddy

    Esther, Cyanne,

    Marley, April, Eleanor and Ewan.


    And I knew it -

    That clear, college morning

    When brittle chatter

    Made me lean over the railing

    And glance into the busy hall below.

    A gaggle of girls

    Swarmed around a handsome, black chap

    Strolling along like a sheik with a harem

    And I laughed: 'What silly geese!'

    Then I looked closely at the young man himself

    Clearly now just below me

    A perfect stranger -

    And through my whole being

    Crashed the trumpet fare:

    'That is the father of my children!'


    Nothing could explain it.

    I never even tried.

    But thus it came to be -

    A destiny

    Written in the stars 

    With great responsibility.


    Cynthia Buell Thomas, May, 2018.

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    Martin Elder

    Sun 20th May 2018 19:12

    This is fabulous Cynthia. I wish I had been there to hear you read it. sorry I couldn't make it. This has a very lyric feel to it.
    Love it

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    mike booth

    Fri 18th May 2018 17:08

    A lovely poem of love and commitment, Cynthia. I enjoyed hearing you read your poems at Sale Waterside... and meeting your family ... both in your words and the physical fan club!
    mike booth

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    patrick D Ortiz

    Fri 18th May 2018 16:46

    a wonderful thought and moment and life..congrats on all three..

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    Stu Buck

    Fri 18th May 2018 14:42

    This is really beautiful Cynthia.

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    Cynthia Buell Thomas

    Fri 18th May 2018 14:25

    This has nothing to do with the Royal Wedding tomorrow. More to do with a guest slot this past week where I presented poems based directly on my own family. And I finally commited this one to paper, just three days ago. But it 'fits' the week rather neatly, if not intentionally. So why not share it!

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