Far from this place

Oh, to spend some time

Precious ill got

Away from the feathers and the flux

Of human intercourse

Where everything is either split or spilt

Or spat out and declared

Behind waves of words

Some unspoken

But more often not

Sent crashing one upon another

In costume covered gloss and paint

All froth and fancy

From those who fail to observe

The cautious perplexities

Of receiving their daily bread

Among the niceties and

Common coffee cup frivolities

From off the tongue tripped exchanges

Except to the senseless and the preening


Oh, to be in a place that is in a vacuum

Starved of contorted self- comforting prattle 

And the hum of lips

Bursting forth

With careening careless dialogue

Accompanying the endless dross

Of heavy lead weighted opinion


That I could lay upon the grass

High upon the hill

Enjoy natures finest

Without the machine gun rattle

Of endless words words words

Delivered with all the sensitivity

Of a porcupine making love


Just to lie still

Without a sound


Wait and listen

To the sound of nothing

But the movement of the air

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Martin Elder

Thu 7th Jun 2018 08:40

Hi Nicola
Thanks for liking this poem
Much appreciated

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Martin Elder

Tue 24th Apr 2018 19:35

Thanks Stu. No worries I took it as a compliment. Thanks for reading and commenting

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Stu Buck

Tue 24th Apr 2018 11:22

wonderful martin, i especially love

Away from the feathers and the flux

Of human intercourse

as usual you have this lovely gentle way of writing which masks the serious points underneath.

that was supposed to be a compliment by the way.

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Martin Elder

Tue 24th Apr 2018 09:16

Thanks to Desmond Jon and Pat for liking and to Brian Suki Rachel Colin Hazel and Laura for commenting.

That is the problem with modern living Brian such places that we treasure from long ago can tend to be built over. I am fortunate in what I was thinking of hasn't and is now a national park.

Glad you liked it Suki I don't think we do enough of what you picked up on

I do realise Rachel that the line about the porcupine is a bit strange but so can be the sensitivity or lack there of others at times. I completely agree with you with regard to becoming to enamoured with our own self comfort.

Hazel I am so pleased that you have your own place behind your house. I really love trees.

Col you have hit the nail on the head here . I was indeed thinking of the downs when I wrote this. Have been up Devils Dyke many times myself in the past, but my favourite spot which I visited when we met up recently is Ditchling beacon.

Laura thanks for your reading of this. I hadn't considered the first verse being a poem all on its own. But I think you are right.

I am glad that this resonates with a number of you in having or remembering a place that you can think of. The place that I think of as mentioned above I love to go to no matter what the weather or season. I just as much been blown along my the wind in winter as well as in the summer laying on the side of the hill.

Thanks again to you all for reading liking and commenting.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 23rd Apr 2018 12:04

This is sumptuous Martin. That first verse could stand alone I reckon, a whole poem in itself.

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Hazel ettridge

Mon 23rd Apr 2018 10:03

A little hill behind my house, covered in woodland. Just heading up there now to commune with some friendly trees. They never chat, they just be. Gorgeous language - some of that 'prattle must have it's uses.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 23rd Apr 2018 09:15

some great lines in this piece Martin and like Brian you had me thinking of my favourite hills to escape to. Truleigh Hill above Shoreham was always a favourite as a kid and later we would take the bus and some cans of beer up to Devils Dyke above Brighton. I'm sure you remember that one. It seems we're all searching for silence in this cacophonous world. All the best, Col.


Mon 23rd Apr 2018 02:28

Words sent crashing upon one another--inspired.

The sensitivity of a porcupine making love? Excruciating and so funny.

Very thoughtful, Martin--we must never become enamored with our own self-comforting. As necessary as it may be in times of distress, it is a like a drug that has the ability to lull us into complete complacency. Administer with care.


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suki spangles

Sun 22nd Apr 2018 22:09

Hi Martin,

Hope You're well.

Just to lie still
Without a sound
Wait and listen
To the sound of nothing
But the movement of the air..



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Brian Maryon

Sun 22nd Apr 2018 20:07

The Long Mynd for me though it's some time since I've been there...could be a housing estate now.

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