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If incredible awesome image 

of our Almighty Maker
towers every part of who we are
Foolishness becomes a misfit
distance far fetched
to be associated with being human

Who we are 
is not only shine of our physical appearance 
but tranquil of goodness 
in our soul continuously deposited 
no benefit visual eye can contend with 
we are

Foolishness is when words deceptive
from beauty that decorates our mouths flow
into vessels of destruction
with our deeds ringing deafness
not at all responsive 
to upholding call of our ranting

Foolishness is to continuously punch holes
on sponginess of the very same love 
you are supposed to harness 
being acutely aware
of adverse outcomes unintended
bringing with bridesmaids unenvied

Foolishness is when you characterise yourself 
outside human chain of caring
while bouncing every effort 
in schemes of your endeavours 
imagining saving the world
from further decay

Foolishness is walking and jumping 
dance thrills on a hoi-poloi road 
with massive hatred littered  
when a narrow road 
that fully abounds with love and joy
screams loud emptiness in occupancy

Happy April Fool’s day

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