Snow day

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Snow Day

Snow day.
Glow day.
Every way you go day.


Untrod sheets say
"Clean, new day."

Morning light.
Crisp. Bright.
Picks out crystals perfect made.

Play day.
No-school day.
Friends day.


Deep, sheet, untouched by human boot
Or bright-yellow dog-stain marks.

As Earth was once.
Clean, new.
Paper white
Before the ability to write.

There's nothing new under the snow
But by golly perhaps there's something new above it!

Cold days.
Gold days.
Before the slush sets in.

Snow drifting in over the tops of boots -
Energised by the strength of youth.
Cold days warmed with snow-bright effort.

In-doors fire glow.
Duffle-coat still snow-ball wet -
Hand hurt-delight of the cold-change-hot.

Hot drink meanders down
But still there are places you have not reached,
Still as untouched as before the first creatures moved.
Unchanged. Unprovoked. Revoked. Paper white.
Ready to begin again.

Let's try again.

Swan's-down & feather on the 'ready fallen snow.
Ground hard. Freezer hard. Arctic roll cold.
Crystal perfections - individual confections.
Drop & float, down & down.


Sound absorbing silence.
All is still. Street-light bright. Ankle-deep.
Knee-deep. Soul cold. Soul gold.

Falling, falling, falling ...

Quieter, quieter, quieter...

New peace, new piece, new peace ...

Falling, falling, falling ...

Snow Daysnow fall

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