I'm an American
I work my ass off but I can't pay rent
Too much month left after my money's spent
I'm an American
I don't see a doctor unless I'm pregnant
Or if it's an emergency I might seek care, but only if it's urgent
I'm an American
Everybody is wrong but I'm right
You wanna take me on? Cause I'll fight
See it my way or
Get outta my sight
George Washington invented electricity while flying his kite
I'm an American
Bow down every nation
Learn about your culture?
Uh, no thanks, my time's too precious  to be wastin
My back to you
Toward my flag I'm facin
American dream I stay chasin
My worth's in my pocket
And on monthly bank statements
I'm an American
I talk a lot of shit
But, for real I'm a coward at heart
We really need to make this world a better place
Hey, I know, why don't you start?
I'll piss on stage
And convince you it's art
And then talk more shit
I mean really play the part
I'm an American, damnit!
I'm rude and obnoxious
But I repackaged it as free speech
Moral relativism in bas-relief
I whine and complain
Sweating from the spotlight
That I carry so you can really see  when you're wrong and I'm right
I really only care about me
But I sneak it by you
Teach you to call it "tolerating"
I'm a black American
I keep getting shot
But I just keep living everyday
Like I am not
I wish they would stop
But, all I do is wish
So have your way, Mr. Cop
I'm an American
I read Facebook
To be informed about our problems
But I'm an American
Which means I blame others
And demand that somebody else solve em
That they change
That they stop or start something in order to please me
But if you expect me to change? Nigga please!
I'm an American
Check my stats
We stole this land from Native Americans
And ain't giving it back
Shit, descended from the Roman Empire
And we don't cut slack
You wanna try me?
Well, I'll fight back
I bite back
Into your flesh
Rape your kids in front of you
Rape your woman
Hell, I'll even rape you
Then I'll give you an x-box and some benefits
You know, I'll make it all worth it
Cause, I'm an American
Spiraling down, down, downward
Immovable, I'm stuck
But, hey, I'm an American
So, really, who gives a fuck!

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Big Sal

Thu 3rd May 2018 04:04

Made me smile with this one.?

<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 6th Mar 2018 19:46

I'm not sure of the right words to compliment you on this but I like it and I think it's good. The repetition of 'I'm an American' had me thinking of Gil Scott-Heron and James Brown but only as reference points of which there are undoubtedly many and I'm by no means an expert. Your writing has real punch which I admire greatly. Thanks for sharing. Colin.

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