Light waves to Schrödinger’s cat


Light is a wave and a particle
 At that?
 And it does not matter
 If a particle’s partiality
 Parts with the classical concept
 Of duality:
 A wave can be a particle
 And matter, or matter not.

The behaviour of the quantum
 Is unpredictable in the extreme
 So firing particles through a mountain
 Isn’t all that it may seem?

Like position and momentum,
 Or like photons and matter,
 Waving to a particle
 Leaves light in tatters.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle meet Schrödinger’s cat
 What matters is the wave
 So, that is that.
 Particle duality and a scratchy cat
 Resolve matters incompletely, on the particle-mat
 Where holes in the universe
 Let the particles wave, as time will pass.

The presence of consciousness lightens up the room
 As wave turns to particle and disappears too soon;
 Looking at the stars and waving at the past
 I think maybe, just maybe, the magic will last.

Live Dead — The Grateful Dead 1969

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