Lady Life

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My beloved Lady...
You was there from the first moment
When I start grow in the womb of my mother 
Your first kiss bless me with my breath 
And your last one will free me from this body 
My beloved Lady... 
You hold my hand no matter where I go 
You accept me no matter what I do 
You smile to me and You cry with me 
You lough when I  laughing 
Your freedom it's all in me
My beloved Lady... 
You always here dancing and singing with me
And I see you in all living things 
My ultimate lover the reason that I'm here 
I feel you in my heart and in my Breath 
Under my skin and even in I dream 
My beloved Lady...
Some love you but there are ones who hate you
But that's only because they don't understand
The freedom and beauty that you carry 
They think they can control you 
But I know you can't be controlled 
My beloved Lady...
I give you all my trust and surrender 
Just watching with eyes of love 
How you present your self to me 
I love you and you love me 
My beloved Lady Life

◄ Mother Earth (song)

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