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Water falling down my face, in my head I’m confused

I thought I did things right, but I’m all alone and feeling used

Emotionally, mentally, even physically abused

I had everything to give, and also everything to lose

I open up my home, and they became thieves in the night

I woke up and didn’t notice, all I see is the sun shining bright

The birds are singing, grass is greener, in my own perception

Rainbows and butterflies painted for a planned deception

I try to see the positives, I’m vulnerable, I guess

After taking all my goods, I’m treated peasant-like at best

Just like a flower with nectar, the bees like to swarm

But they all fly away after I’m wilted and I’m worn 

The goal is to get the best of me, and I feel they always win

They practice throughout the year, we race, and then they win again

You’d think I’d get the jist of things, you’d think I’d have a clue

But every time I look into a grey sky, it always seemed to be blue. 

I’d blame it on my heart, and I’d call it mighty kind

But when reality hits, I’m sure I just preferred to be blind

I’m beginning to think I’m foolish, I’m beginning to feel real dumb

I can’t follow my heart, because my body is going numb.

I want to freeze my emotions, I want to set my chest’s temp to cold

But Yah blessed me with this heart of mine made of sparkling liquid gold.

I don’t know why He did that... I don’t know why He chose me

If I was sure of anything, I might not know the plan, but His Plan already knows me.






Big Sal

Sun 4th Feb 2018 16:21

Great, gentle, and bold expressions all in one. Underrated emotions to be sure, and good poem to express them in.

Frances Macaulay Forde

Thu 1st Feb 2018 06:20

This has a lovely heart-felt flow...

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