Mrs Day

When I first spoke with him, I thought he was sweet

We laughed at the weird things we shared

I was a little nervous when he suggested we meet

Apprehensive, excited but not scared


I wasn’t looking for her when I found her

Romance was the last on my mind

So what if she is a little bit older?

She is funny and clever and kind


Friends say he is only after my wealth

But now the kids have fled the roost

I’m left by myself, sat alone on the shelf

Money when lonely what’s the use?


I was thrilled when she agreed to a date

We went for a meal, and we kissed

She asked me whether I believed in fate

Offered me coffee, how I could resist?


We had such a wonderful evening together

So I decided to ask him back to my place

I knew that this would last… forever

He moved heaven and earth with his strong embrace

That night was spent lost in his arms

My heart said he was the one

I knew I had fallen for his charms

But the following morning he’d be gone






She was such an adventurous lover

An old fiddle that played a good tune

I soon discovered, she liked men to suffer

Bludgeoned me as smoke filled the room


He looked so beautiful whilst sleeping

He made me feel sexy and young

I couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving

So I buried a bread knife deep in his lung

The roofies’ kicked in, from our last glass of gin   

As I wrapped a clock ‘round his head

His blood trickled on me as I lay next to him

Doused in ether, dropped a match on the bed

Powerless to move as we’re engulfed in the flames

Batteries in my palm from the one smoke alarm

I was freed from the pain, never lonely again

Our bodies entwined- a picture of calm

Firemen discovered our charred remains

Freed from the pain… never lonely again


◄ The Laureate of Levenshulme

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