Thinking about talking in bed

We have finally settled for the night
Sleep last on the list

The wait is on to find words succinct but sweet
That will settle and soothe us to sleep

A significant silence stretches out before us
It seems to go on for an eternity
I wait, revelling in its poignancy

Not willing for false sentiment
I’ll wait for words that ring true

Finally the wait seems to be over,
Your cough punctures the air.

But you’re buying time for more thought,
The words are not there.

Don’t confuse our silence for solemnity
The opposite is true
I could lie like this for hours
Sleeping next to you

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Dave Bradley

Wed 2nd Dec 2009 10:26

Hi Emma. Trawling through last month's blogs, came across this - sorry not to have noticed it before. I love it - so understated and giving such a feeling for the moment and the way that waiting can be so rich. It's surprising to me that you haven't had more comments, but that's the way it goes sometimes - so many blogs.

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