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Starting off with SSC, have to learn the fighter's name,

I wish I had their fame. Have my name in books, everyone would 

give me a look.


Next is Math, go 1 2 3, wait...what is the cube of three?

How I wish I could be like a bird in the sky, no reason to cry.


After that comes Science, Why do only flooded fields grow rice?

Learn the definitions of wind, water and ice.


Oh my god!, I have a test tomorrow.I wish I could go back to being a baby, 

but my aim is to be in navy. 


Studied for test, now I head to bed. That is when I realize I have English left!

A lot to do and a lot to read.

Starting off with an essay, an essay about my dream. Then I have to read David Copperfield! Oh! How I wish I could trap these words in a seal.


After another hour, I am finally done.

Now the only thing I hope is late is the Sun!


This was my homework experience, an experience I can never forget.



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