Teach children to aspire, provide them with

tools to reach – strive to achieve – after all,

we inhabit a dog eat dog world, where

we all fight for everything we’ve got.


Teach children that success is the purpose

of being alive, indoctrinate them:

the cult of self-measurement, relative

status the principle of life on Earth.


Teach children to aim for goals – achieve

an ultimate desire – reach rarefied

echelons, earning their own respect at

experiential pleasure’s long expense.


Teach children that when that echelon is

reached, they will be worthy, that they are

not yet worthy, that they must measure their

worth in inherited criteria.


Teach children to judge themselves, removing the

need for objective input, allowing

self-perpetuation of the cult – our

single edifice, our peak, our purpose.


Teach children to forget success, to self

measure and assess – teach fundamental

reality, that life is goodness, a

blend of feeling, positivity and hope.


Teach children to explore what really does

it for them, empower them to choose and

permit themselves to fail, experience

all their world brings – teach children how to live.

live lifesuccess

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Wed 20th Sep 2017 17:49

I couldn't agree more.

Free minds is what we're after.

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Philip Stevens

Tue 19th Sep 2017 21:30

Education is salvation
but the schools over population
Can not focus or concentrate
Become victims within the state

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