Unpopular Music


I want to tell you 

tell you a secret

you have to promise

not to hear it 


I’m in front of you 

with my emotions

under my clothes

I’m naked


I’m gonna play

unpopular music

I don’t want you

to sing along


I’m gonna play 

unpopular music 

don’t dance to it

you’ll break an arm


these young people


I love them 

in my own way 


I see them hurting

with questions

I know what they feel

but can’t explain 


how they need 

unpopular music 

to fill in lines 

without names 


how they sing

unpopular music 

it’s something 

they can’t explain 


just knowing 

needing to be knowing

something in the universe 

feels the same 

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Deep Ambivalence ►


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