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More and more cash you take from me
Bloody liberty
Look my wallet, its runs on fumes you see
It’s got to be fraudulent, you’d tax my wee
Yes, you’d tax me spending a penny
You’ve no chance, wealth not in my company
Now I am broke, you’ve seen to that
You over stuffed bureaucrat
A monumental stone bust
A monolith to all blood you’ve had
That one banana in the bunch that’s gone bad
You throw the skin beneath our feet
Fill us with yesterday’s lies to keep us sweet
Well stop, brake, wake up and smell the burnt tyres
You tread carefully Mr Politician
I am a person you’d not be crossing
Keep your own dirty washing
You’re laying all these words in my head
Like a crown of thorns, from cuts pour the red
The Lord gave his life to save this soul
Not for some politician to swallow it whole
An institution that is racist, sexist, disablist!
Listen to you’re public, its they who voted you in
May be that was the original sin
There is an I in you communities
Those eyes are looking for solutions to set free
Not more rules that serve to manacle me
I need support through the darkest times
Times that disappear as I sink in the sand
Mix in water, cement do your best
Don’t stick another bloody knife in my chest
I could be that one who stands for all
So, enough now, with another brick wall
Join each I make them into a ‘we’
Engage with your community, Mr Politician
Nurture, enable, set us free
Or we’ll use our votes liberally

© Phil Golding Dec 2007

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clarissa mckone

Sun 23rd Dec 2007 04:28

Wow Philip! this is great, go liberty! down with liers we can vote them out!

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