Poli ticks

Poli ticks 

As the poli ticks sink deeper we're unable to grab them 
To tweezer them out and chuck them aside 
But I feel really uneasy and uninterested 
Anxious and unable to connect to it all 

Are we making any connections or is Facebook making us believe we have 
Just cos in the safety of our friendship bubble we believe we can make some changes 
But is anyone actually doing anything ? 
I'm not 
I'm talking a lot about what makes me angry 
I'm watching films that make me cry and I'm talking about them with me mates down the pub 
But who's doing what 

I feel unenthusiastic 
I feel unsafe in the streets cos people are lying 
People are preaching care 
And lying 
Loads of us are aware 
Not many are saying anything 

The only safety I have is between the sheets 
As I watch how my boyfriend eats 
I thank the universe for him and his ways of helping us cope 
But we're just two 
And as things progress we are increasingly happy to stay home 



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