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Is it just like that
and then y’gone
a tune some’aware
along the horizon
where I did not catch
y’last words me mate
so easy y’just
turn away fer a’minute
and then gone?

We’ll not meet again bud,
yer too far ahead now
down some path long.
I cannot but wish
yer were still here,
such a vacancy sighs
with so many pretty
girls in the plait’d
yer will not chase.
I told yer where we
came from, but you
were the poet, not
the warrior, and then
into the void we
placed a boat.
Are you at the horizon
son, are yer there?



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<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 15th May 2017 10:25

Hi Chris, I don't think I'm at all acquainted with your work - have you recently started posting here again? Anyways, I like this although I have to say I struggled with the yers and y's etc. I found myself reading round them and wondering were they necessary and was there a particular intention for presenting the poem thus? Always curious, Colin.

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