Darlin' Dancers


I thought of you in bed last night.

Remembering your soft brown skin,

the times we had, impressions

of your absence

ever gentle on my mind.


I tumbled back to trampled paths

and BPM at sunrise.

Techno nights and dancing

on the weathered land

in daylight, singing love songs

in the mud and lit by lightning.


We were stormproof, leathered,

no one stopped us, nothing mattered

when we gathered on the hills and in the valleys,

all-in parties, back to mine

for dapple comedowns;

fragments of a breakfast

dressed for comfort.


I never named you.

Didn't need to. Not at first.

You were there and I was in you

walking harmony, waxing

with delight in silent company,

recalling country lines of how                             

we fit together walkin'.

Glen was right.

Do you remember?


I think we did too much too hard too fast

and even though I know,

'cause Leonard told me,

that the light comes in through cracks

I couldn't fix you;


kept hold of you too long.

You were gone but I refused

to see the damage that we'd done 

underfoot, underground.

Thought that faith would make you dance again,

ferocity of want would resurrect

your diamond eyes and lace desire

into every hole and tongue

but your sole was unredeemable,

in disrepair; decayed.


I thought of you in bed last night,

wishing I was in you,

remembering your soft brown skin.

I'll never have that love again.

Steelcap toes or CATs are no replacement

for my waxy brown and broken down

beautiful old boots,

my darlin' dancers.


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Laura Taylor

Mon 17th Apr 2017 11:52

Aww thanks everyone 😃

Hehe Ray - there IS no unsuitable situation for boots like that 😉 Big love to you too.

Cheers Paul!

And Colin - rap? Hahaa - I shall have to give it a go when I start learning this for performance! 😀

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Paul Waring

Fri 14th Apr 2017 14:02

Laura, love this, love it with a capital L. I didn't get chance to post a comment yesterday but I kept thinking about this wonderful poem. Great subject, very original with so many good lines and clever weaving in of the song lyrics, too.

Big thank you Laura for posting this. A real Easter treat 😀


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Thu 13th Apr 2017 23:30

Deliciously and resolutely heartfelt and a proper tribute to treasured leather. Is there anything finer than what we trust on our feet ?

I've got a pair of Chris Brasher boots I climbed Snowdon in = snuggly buggly and I've taken to wearing them eccentrically in unsuitable situations , so a kindred feeling. Though I have a feeling you may have lived more fully in yours....

love to you Laura !

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Laura Taylor

Thu 13th Apr 2017 15:16

Ah cheers David

I was on about them in bed last night as it happens. They were the best boots ever. I was so gutted that I kept them for a whole year after the soles came completely off. Couldn't bear to part with them, and with it coming up festie season, can't help but miss them all over again.

Thanks very much. Still raging. Just miss me old boots 😉

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 13th Apr 2017 14:58

Hi Laura,

Lots of lovely joy and lamenting in this passage of time piece.

The fact the vehicle is a pair of old much loved shoes is rather quaint and very real.

Blimey, we're all very old and reflective recently aren't we.

Lovely writing, rage hard Laura.


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