The Schooners

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The Schooners


With billowed sails the Schooner glides across the open sea

The crew secures the rigging as they’ve done through history

Port side there’s a Humpback coming up to take a look

They watch in pure amazement its like a picture from a book.


The Skipper takes the Helm and guides the vessel on its path

The crew they scramble round the deck to fight mother natures wrath

Everyone has got their job the Main Trimmer, Mast and Pit

The Secondary Trim the Foredeck and the Main Trim/Tactics


As the Schooner fights the rugged waves The Skipper steers the wheel

It brings on such excitement that it can not be concealed

With puffy trade-wind clouds above and waves of blue below

The beauty of the Schooner would leave you standing there in awe



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<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 9th Apr 2017 08:10

Hi Ricky, this is a great theme for a poem and one that could easily have a story woven into the descriptive lines already set down.

I read your bio and was interested to see you are from Kentucky. I had the pleasure of camping and hiking around the Daniel Boone National Forest last year. Kentucky is a beautiful part of the world with a rich tradition of music and storytelling.

Thanks for posting,

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