When I was very young I had a sister.
Her name was Jessie, and she was two things:
she was a floppy bear with long brown fur
and she was a way into

OK, so Jessie was my little sister -
I looked out for her and helped her grow up,
because I was her big sister,
even though I was a boy.

With Jessie I felt differently,
I knew different ways to act
and I could teach her
what a girl was, and it was almost like

My real sister was born when I was five
and I put Jessie away
because I couldn’t be a sister and a brother
I couldn’t be a sister and a brother

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Stu Buck

Thu 2nd Mar 2017 12:22

this is fantastic alex, just my cup of subversive poetry tea. have you missed a word off the end of line 4?

brilliant stuff, to write like a child thinks is no mean feat.

edit - perhaps you havent missed a word now i read it again. my apologies.

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