Lay Me Down (In My Grave With Them)

I love this song because Sam Smith can turn his stories into music that’s relatable. I relate to this song because when my grandparents passed away, I wanted to kill myself because I didn’t want to be away form them. I know this song is about love, so I love my grandparents so badly that I had a demon inside of me that wanted me to kill myself, but I actually saw my grandparents as angels... They told me not to let this demon take over. I told them that I wanted to die just to be with y'all, I couldn't bear the fact that they was gone. Then, they convince me to live out my life because they want me to be the best performer in NYC and they told me... Every time I perform, they will have "front row seats" seeing me perform my poems and see me make it to the "big screen." I wanna thank Sam Smith for this song, if it wasn't for him making song, I would probably try to kill myself until I achieve it. 

(This is a true story... I took a whole bottle of my anxiety pills, I'm surprised I'm still alive on this day but at the same time, I'm glad I'm still alive today!)

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