boxing day

no rescue from this

your sarcophagus


you'll rest your feet

and call this your

stopping place


but movement will come

to shake you

and vibrate you


to tell you that

your day remains



wake WAKE


sleep not for

your world awaits

abated on edge


the sword--your words

--a final precipice.

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Mon 26th Dec 2016 21:29

I guess it's a roundabout way of saying that we run the risk of killing parts of ourselves when we deny their expression. While I realize that we aim to do just that by repressing undesirable traits and propensities, I'm also sure that much decency is inhibited for the sake of remaining secure in our outward circumstances. What I mean is, freedom is rarely free. Though, it seems to me that it must be that if we are naturally endowed with a particular talent or perspective, the world is robbed and incomplete while that which could promote change for the better remains subjugated to inferior demands.

Thanks for reading and commenting, David and Ray. I really enjoy the opportunity to discuss the finer details.


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Mon 26th Dec 2016 20:20

There is no escape elP from the pressing need, even over Christmas. A prison of freedom.


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