Our Communal Gig in the Sky

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Here I am entering a space between episodes

where everything seems so real, so right.

So unfeigned that I begin to doubt my sanity.

But as I travel within that space inside me

I see more regressive versions

of new episodes.

They peak and ebb,

sucking me into a vortex of frustration.

Then suddenly a new story emerges.

Suddenly I’m engulfed with a flood of people.

They urge me to tune into them and the great universe.

I see it now. The contradictions of our present civilization

has disrobed me of my communal bond, my innate connections with nature,

the universe and the unrestrained adventure of discovering

that divine space that resides within each of us.

The dissonance of their chatter inspires the theme for my next story.

A story that pulls away from the previous one.

A story that will cement that communal bond again.

One dynamic field of energy.



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