On spinning spools

like plastic jewels

the reign of VHS and Betamax

was brief in human terms,


a peeping tom affair

of soporific ads and afro hair

Miami cops with force and flair

longshots of a famous bridge


or the spread of porn to drawing room

girls with small red scarves

the studs with DIY props and

office backdrops

the wallowing sound of the Fender Rhodes

wah wah pedal, the midwest clothes.


Squat video players for hire from

Dixons and Rumbelows

the spools pulled tight like plastic stockings.

Somewhere on illegible sticky labels

The Sweeney and Arthur Daley dwelt


now banned from charity shops

the final humiliation, of racist comedy

upbeat travelogues forbidden by wives

to reside on shelves,

and we surely miss the tinny clatter

of the square cut mouth,

the bleached or sunset fairy hues

of Alice in Town or Hill Street Blues.




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Sat 24th Dec 2016 13:31

Hi Suki. Praise indeed for that comparison, thanks. The Fender Rhodes soldiers on - I bought one in 1975 for £700 ; it was the sound of the 70s, and also the Wurlitzer. Those keyboards were pre digital of course. The smell of the new ones was ecstasy.


Merry Xmas !

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suki spangles

Sat 24th Dec 2016 07:23

This reminds me somewhat of John Cooper Clarke's poetry, particularly the rhythm in the first three verses.

The wallowing sounds of the Fender Rhodes.. lovely

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Fri 23rd Dec 2016 21:09

Thanks Jeff, glad you like it. I must get my old player up and running for old times' sake.

Cheers Col, some of my tapes have been round the block as you can imagine. To think we used to record onto them - what a blast!

Happy Xmas guys. Ray

<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 23rd Dec 2016 07:14

Splendido - you had an interesting and varied VHS collection Ray. All the best, Colin.

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Fri 23rd Dec 2016 05:57

Absolute gem!..Needs to be published....Jeff...

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