Hip Hop Evolution

In the summer of 2015, Swedish music streaming service Spotify created a live musical map of the world that analyzed listening trends for over 1000 different cities around the globe, yet, whether you're focused on figuring out which rising young rapper is next to blow or pining for the golden age of beats and rhymes, the story of how hip-hop evolved from soundtracking New York block parties to becoming one of the most popular artforms on earth is usually glossed over or abridged. Darby Wheeler's Hip-Hop Evolution, a film that explores hip-hop's genesis in detailed fashion, bringing to light what documentary host, MC and CBC personality Shad calls "a history that's been forgotten." Beyond exploring the aforementioned stories, which remain recognizable to plenty of hip-hop heads, Wheeler and company also dig deep in detailing the genre's movement from the underground to the mainstream, and everything that came with it. Sparing no small detail from primary sources, and driven by a knowledgeable host in Shad who has a vested interest in the subject matter from being "an MC, but a fan first," Hip-Hop Evolution speaks of hip-hop's multifaceted creation in unprecedented detail, and is necessary viewing not only for music historians, but for anyone who considers themself a student of the game. (Banger Films)


Honestly, the whole series stood to me because I always questioned, "How Hip was born, and how Hip Hop became so popluar over the past 46 years?" This documentary is so important because people need to know how Hip Hop came from the underground to the mainstream, also people need to learn why Hip Hip is so popular nowadays. This is a absolute "MUST SEE" because if someone is a upcoming DJ, MC, Bboy/Bgirl Dancer... This is the show to watch!

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