am a garden.
Greenest grass shoots from my scalp.
tulips tumble from my mouth
Birds flock, Bees beguile, soil
a path from which my bark legs grow
rooted, stable. 
A yellow star shines over me, i suck
growing growing growing
buds blossoming
fruit grows, sweet. 

fruit grows fruit falls
pink petals plummet 
a soil path hidden in soiled fruit soiled sweet fruit 
green leaves scatter
grass yellow, dry 
tulips die. 
bees fly, away, gone. 
Clouds shield the stars
day and night,
a similar, familiar shade of grey

Brown leaves leave my branches
they sky falls deeper
the star betrays, i have sucked up all the light

everything is dark
nothing grows
nothing lives
expect for the terrifying thought that this could be it
what if its dark forever
what if when the sun comes back the flowers don't bloom and i don't flourish
the dark is scary. 

winter earth is sad
a dark brown misery
puddles soak the ground
puddles drink the light of the sky
puddles show your wobbling reflection, shaking hands 
even the tallest branches flop, 
to look down on you

in winter i am SAD 
and i can never tell if the buds will blossom again. 

winterseasonal affective disorder

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