And in that time

all weapons were collected

and stockpiled into a mountain

and the mountain was worshipped

for no man would ever take up a weapon again.


And the sky was a womb

a rebirthing, the world uniting as one

awoken to love, and the sound was heard

of countless souls in harmony, and the mountain grew


and was worshipped

for on its flanks and peak

all misery and illusion hung visible

like a taint, and all the fear had gone and

all sense of triumph and restraint and limitation

and there were no longer nations to provide for, or to die for


and a need

and no need to begin again




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Sun 18th Dec 2016 19:23

Thanks Suki. We're all desperate for solutions, this is my take albeit an ironical one.

A novel piece of film elP, thanks for including that. Yes, appropriately dark. Your right about the one to one thing. group mentalities are more easily swayed( the herd).
Imagine dealing with any organisation 1 - 1 ! If we could externalize our most negative aspects and isolate them what then?

Thanks David. Glad this made a kind of sense - if it does, that means there must be a truth somewhere however unlikely. We are really slaves that need protecting from our masters, aren't we? Until we find our own power that is.

Jeff Thanks for giving this your mind's eye, and i'm quite happy with your allusions and the ideas you have to beef up the imagery . The biblical tone was a sort of irony and an attempt to qualify the big idea therein. Perhaps the trouble with so much scripture is its elevated tone. If it was passed down like a workshop manual of behaviour and not overdressed it might do more good, I suppose.
(blasphemy, sorry).

Ray Thanks for all your valued comments.

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Sun 18th Dec 2016 07:34

What a great piece of work! Keeping in mind " art is in the eye of the beholder" I get a post apocalyptic scene from this whereby Man has finally said "never again". Sort of dystopia to utopia. The rebirth to me is a nuclear mushroom cloud, as to me the cloud top looks like a womb & the narrow bit connecting is the vagina (in this context I might add!) the mountain is the bunker. I really hope I've not offended you with what I get from this piece of work but it really gets you thinking, & that's a great thing!

Also very biblical the way it's written......Jeff.....


Sat 17th Dec 2016 23:33

Hi, Ray..a very pleasing contemplation about a possible future for man, and looks to be the product of a very well-meaning heart.

Forgive me, please, but I couldn't help but think of this movie. Maybe if we could keep it one-on-one, mankind could learn to quell his instincts just enough..

..a dark comedy (they say it's loosely based on real events) if you haven't already seen it.


I very much like the idea of a final resting place for all fear and hate, "misery and illusion"...a quite poetic happy ending--or beginning.

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suki spangles

Sat 17th Dec 2016 23:02

Wonderful sentiments Ray. You sound like a prophet!

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