The Man and His Shadow (Or the Shadow and His Man)


I fear the darkness for it harbors all the evil I cannot yet see.
The unseen assailant following the breadcrumb trail unnoticed.
When I walk alone at night my shadow keeps me company. Sometimes, the shadow runs as I still walk slowly. In the shadows he runs, thereafter our shadows dance and twirl anxiously; slowly, our shadow begins to bleed more darkness.

The house of a friend is nearby, I imagine as I crawl bleeding. Again, that shadow’s beside me and we bleed together. Blood dresses the grass through the yard: can my friend hear me?
The twisted tree keeps our spine straight while we hold our four arms open wide.
“Father, cast thy light upon me in this darkness. Deliver us from our pain.”

breathing, bleeding, panting.
panting, bleeding, clapping.
clapping, bleeding, laughing.


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