always a threshold away

from life's labors' embrace...


tethered at

arm's length


upon this place

where you escape

dull domesticity


and where I land

on the brink

of deliverance

from oblivion.

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Wed 21st Dec 2016 00:57

Hi Cristian,

The mundane (work, obligation, duty, etc.) does seem to be a prison at times. I'm a painter (as if you couldn't have guessed) and feel the need to transcend the physicality of my work constantly. In younger days, I cherished the freedom of movement allowed in the skilled trades (somewhat skilled). Though, now that I'm well into middle-age, I need something a little less strenuous. All of that aside, there is a deep need to be where I feel I could be most effective at the time. And, I stress, "at the time"--what I feel is probably subject to change.

That said, "freelance" opportunities can seem pretty attractive--if you can stomach the instability/insecurity. If the hustle is your only hope, then float on. If you're hustling because it's the only thing you know, then maybe sit still for a while. Forgive me if I've been talking to myself...

By the way, grey is the most popular color chosen by our most affluent clients--even five shades of it in a 4,000 sq. ft. house..effin' boring, eh?

Some most valuable comments..thanks.


Endure Uno

Tue 20th Dec 2016 22:10

Titles always force me to examine my own opinions and bias toward the title's subject. Then, what a poem thereafter says about that subject forces another examination, namely, a comparison between my thoughts about the poem's title, and what the poet has to say. It's at this point that I remember why I love poetry: it's transcending nature that helps my mind escape the prison of my view of life. When a poem, such as this one is so distant from my assumptions with regard to it's subject, I feel a sense of wonder waiting to shake the staleness of my life. For this poem, the freedom that freelance can offer seems like an inviting remedy to the depressing greyness of my warehouse job.


Sat 10th Dec 2016 00:11

Grace is a great word, Ray--one not understood fully until we seem to find ourselves without it. And, with mutual exclusion comes a freedom that can't often be expressed outside it's domain. Though, it's funny to me that you mention the quality of the poem (ie, sadness, etc) because it seems that the quality of a relationship is also subject to change with perspective. Maybe the only thing we can truly expect is change.

Your perspective is much appreciated, truly.


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Fri 9th Dec 2016 22:46

To me this feels like a kind of duty but deeper than that, a mute exclusive sharing that could be thought sad, but not really as it almost a state of understood grace. Quite moving actually. I get it elP



Fri 9th Dec 2016 22:42

Hey, David,

I try to express emotion without being overt. So, I'm glad you picked up on that. This was meant to reflect a sort of incongruous ongoing exchange between two people--neither fits neatly into the world of the other, yet each contributes something that is absent in the other's life. And, yeah, they probably do behave like magnets sharing the same polarity, at times. Truthfully, that could be developed into a very insightful idea about human relationships.

Thanks much for sharing your thoughts.


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