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Alien Inside

Alien Inside


It’s been a few years now since my space was invaded

Some E.T. having triggered a rouge cell in my head

I did not volunteer to become its host, my brain toast

All I know is that it’s an evil little bugger, slowly spreading

Its roots are like red weed choking my communications

Picks parts of my body to destroy receptors, implant its own

Whole areas of inner landscape turn black, baron, and a wasteland

Occasionally spots of resistance sprout up, fight the invader

New nerve trenches get dug and nerve fibre optic pipes lay down

They try to isolate the red choking weed, get through to brain

Sometimes these pipes lasted for weeks others only a few hours

Still the Pill Master, even though it’s a loosing battle, fights on

As with all unwanted aliens that invade me, eating at my core

I fight on despite knowing the inevitable, resulting outcome

As muscles weaken, loosing the will to function, still I fight

Mental agility goes from premier to conference league

I will fight to kill the ‘red weed’ in any way I can

The inevitable will out, and I will die, but I am not going quietly

I will delay in the hope of a treatment, which kills my ‘Alien’ inside



© Phil Golding Dec 2007




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<Deleted User> (7790)

Mon 10th Dec 2007 21:03

Hi Phil, the 'alien' analogy is strong and provocative and strange -- unsettling and sad, too. It gives a real insight into the shock of finding your body is not entirely your own, that an illness has claimed a right to your life. Shocking indeed and the writing itself is an act of bravery.

Pete Crompton

Mon 10th Dec 2007 01:19

I think you could condense this even more and it will be even more powerful

Pete Crompton

Mon 10th Dec 2007 01:18

Phil, I like this style of poem and I like the metaphor. I think by making the subject more vague it allows a wider audience to access and interpret this. The alien inside is a good title too. I like the new style it is a step in a direction I can relate to and this new poem excites me.

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